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To future potential clients,


I am writing this letter, not as a favor to Kev, not as a false statement, but as a beacon of hope to anybody looking to sell a house that may be overwhelmed or worried about the experience they may receive from any agent. I am writing this to give you the first hand rating so you can feel more comfortable making a decision. I have sold a few homes, and never with the same realtor, if I ever do sell again I would not hesitate to call Kev.

Kev not only sold our home, he became a friend. He went above and beyond when it came to selling our home and would not let us settle for anything less than we wanted when it came to house hunting. We were looking for our dream home and even though there were potential homes that we could maybe turn into a dream home, he never made us feel as though we had to settle. He made appointment after appointment for us to see houses and never once complained or made us feel as though we were a burden, even though I was beginning to think of my wish list as a burden to myself, he never wavered. He just repeated what he said to us the first day, which was that he was with us until the end, that he would do whatever we felt comfortable with and that to him we could look forever if we found what we wanted. Eventually we did. He was there late at night writing offers or presenting amendments. He never took time off and I swear I don’t think there was a time his phone was off. He literally was there day and night for us to answer questions or concerns. He was our rock when we were ready to fall apart from stress and he took a lot of the stress on himself to save us from it. Overall could not have done this without him.

If you are to quote me on anything it should be this, “Kev fought for his. Not only by selling our home and doing what he promised in that department with open houses every weekend and reassurance every step, but also by finding us exactly what we wanted which I didn’t think was possible. He not only helped us escape from a home we no longer wanted to be at but helped us see an amazingly bright future for our family. I know that sounds a little dramatic but when you realize a house is not just a house but a home and the center of a family you may understand. If you are looking for a realtor that will be with you every step of the way, fight for what you want and deserve, and become more of a friend than a realtor with how he gives every client all he has, then you need to hire Kev Balian.

Ashley Roder

A.K.A. a Kev Balian client for life 


I have known Kev for over 3.5years now. I met him when he sold my sister’s house. He is an excellent real estate agent. When it came time to find a place for my daughter, we immediately contacted Kev Balian. He did not let us down. He asked us exactly what we wanted, and he found it-she was thrilled.

A few months later, we also decided to sell our house and move. Kev worked very close with us, on both ends, buying and selling. He carefully went over all the comparison prices in our area and made sure to get us the best possible price for our house-which he did. We were thrilled with the amount of effort he put into selling our house. We told him exactly what we wanted to buy. He worked diligently and found us the house of our dreams! We were so happy, and we still are.

Recently, my daughter decided to move from her condo. We met with Kev, he talked us through the process (again). We had 42 showings and he did 5 open houses. He worked tirelessly for us. We appreciated it so much.

Kev is an excellent real estate agent. I would recommend him to everyone. He is kind and considerate and is such a hard worker. We have appreciated all that he has done for us.

Andrea M.